History of #OnePlant

It is our goal here at #OnePlant to bring new and innovative American Grown and American Made Hemp Products to markets across America and the world! With over half of our country growing American Hemp again we are almost there. If we truly want to be a Great Nation again then we must lead the world in a new Industrial Revolution!

Cannabis/Hemp can be that change! It is clear the lies of prohibition have started to unravel across this country and the world. The ball is in motion and nothing can stop it so let’s get behind it and push! Together we are an army of amazing power. But we must all work together.

Hemp is the most nutritious herb/vegetable known to man. It is the most useful plant on the planet. Hemp biodiesels can replace oils and fuels that the world fights wars over. Hemp can replace all the plastic products that continue to pollute our environment. Hemp stop deforestation. Hemp can build cars, planes, homes and almost any product you can think of….Yes #OnePlant can do all this! #OnePlant is the answer! #OnePlant can save US all!

In the 2014 wake of Colorado’s new cannabis legalization movement, Amendment 2, known as Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill was up for vote in the state of Florida. The opportunity for change was on the horizon and the potential benefits that Cannabis and hemp products could bring to society were virtually limitless. When Amendment 2 failed Mr. Meisnner took to social media and rallied advocates and activists across 6 states to lobby at their respective capital buildings and demand these politicians heed their voices. The bill was eventually passed in 2016 during the next voting cycle which allowed for citizens with debilitating diseases and conditions to receive access to a cannabis based medical program.

We call on All organizations and groups that fight for the “same” cause to unite….. Cannabis “IS” the answer to so many of the problems that plague not just our country but the whole world! Cannabis “IS” medicine plain and simple. The Tree of Life!

We currently operate out of Atlanta, Ga. Our online store offers hemp products 24/7. You can connect with our community by visiting our Facebook page.


Before using Cannabis oil with both CBD and THC, Robert’s bad days were up to 1000 seizures. Today, his bad days are less than 3 seizures. He is truly living and thriving!

Jody Perkins, Robert's mom

Former US Coast Guard Veteran and Law Enforcement Officer turned advocate.
After serving more than 8 years in the United States Coast Guard in charge of life saving operations and law enforcement missions of all kinds including our main objective Drug Operations, I went on to become an outspoken advocate for #OnePlant never knowing just how deep that rabbit hole would go!
For years I suffered through, what our Government told me was best for me, the VA system. I took pill after pill for everything from my chronic back pain to depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, inflammation and more. I can proudly say that today I no longer use the VA's drugs and I also no longer use any other form of pharmaceutical or over the counter drugs!
Now I spend numerous hours every day dedicated to educating the social media and real life masses on the many uses and benefits of Cannabis using my educational platform OnePlant. I manage my chronic pains with a good diet, exercise and Cannabis daily. I use a CBD oil that would be considered legal in GA but also THC that I have to obtain illegally under both GA and Federal law.
And even after spending all those years on rough seas and scary and hopeless situations, even after an auto accident in 2001 that broke my back, 3 ribs and my left hand, even after numerous other neck and back injuries both from my service and from life, in my home state I am not considered a patient. I am a criminal in Georgia! I no longer take the VA’s advice and I also no longer use nay form of pharmaceutical or over the counter drug.

James Meissner, Founder of #OnePlant